PPC Services

Search Advertising

When done right, Paid Search advertising is a highly effective method to ensure the online presence of a new or existing business and its products or services at a lower cost per acquisition and a high ROI.

We are focused on metrics that matter. Therefore, we are building a custom campaign strategy through keywords related to your business that aim to capture the potential customers who are actively looking for your solution.

We make sure your keywords targeting is perfect in every one of your campaigns and display the ads to the correct audience.

Cost-effective Search campaigns are not only capturing qualified users but also help you spend your budget more efficiently.

We can do Search advertising for you on:

Shopping Advertising

Shopping ads are considered the most powerful type of advertising created by the world’s biggest search engines to help E-commerce brands large and small sell their products online at a lower cost.

Shopping advertising aims to display your products in front of as many qualified and relevant people who are present in the market and ready to make a purchase.

We build tailored Shopping strategies for our clients to optimise profitability by ensuring the products show up for the keywords most likely to convert. We also help you with recommendations on how to create a successful product feed, such as using the correct attributes, create custom labels, choose quality images and information necessary to have on product pages.

All of this dramatically increases your chances of getting featured on the first page of search engine results, showcase your products in front of many potential customers who are looking to buy them, and leads to excellent results and high conversion rate.

We can do Paid Shopping advertising for you on:

Display Advertising

As humans, we are visual creatures and continually process directly or indirectly visual information. Therefore, Display advertising is a great way to get your brand in front of thousands of potential customers as they browse the web. It also plays a significant role in raising brand awareness, building audiences as well as driving direct response PPC campaigns.

We’ll display text, images, and videos on relevant placements and websites that are contextually compatible. This means that we can show your core message in front of potential customers that are already interested in topics or domains related to your products or services.

We can do Paid Display advertising for you on:

Video Advertising

Video Advertising increased in popularity in recent years, and the trend shows no sign of slowing down. For this reason, get up to speed with digital ads on the world’s second-largest search engine, YouTube, and reach new and bigger hyper-relevant audiences. Just behind Google, the platform boasts over 1.9 billion unique users worldwide who watch almost 1 billion hours of video every day.

YouTube ads are offering businesses of all sizes a cost-effective way to engage with their audiences and send the right message to them faster. We tailor Video campaigns based on your conversion goals and budgets with targeting capabilities to correlate the demographic data with granular interests such as consumer behaviour patterns and major life events.

We can do Paid Video advertising for you on:

Social Media Advertising

With many Social Media platforms continually developing and new ones emerging, the PPC landscape completely changed allowing businesses grow awareness of their brand within a niche sector, drive traffic, generate large quantities of sales in a mainstream industry, promote events or encourage sign-ups.

Whether you are looking to advertise your products or services in front of business professionals or consumers, Social Media advertising represents the most powerful real-time communication strategy.

We can help carve your niche market down to the finest audiences based on demographic data, followers of specific accounts, interests, hashtags, usernames and much more. And to bring a higher value to your Social Media campaigns, we partner with you to design creative assets that deliver results.

We can do Social Media advertising for you on:


Retargeting is a powerful PPC tactic which allows businesses to target users who already interacted with their websites and did not take any action or who have not previously accessed the sites, but are similar to their previous customers. This means that you can follow non-convertors or look-alikes around the web with retargeting ads and bring them into your marketing funnel, implicitly drive sales, leads and revenue.

In comparison with other forms of paid advertising the bid to have your ads shown is usually quite low, which makes retargeting a cheap and easy way to attract potential customers, you might have otherwise lost.

We believe retargeting is second chance traffic and we want to make the most of it. Whether you choose to target people based on their “on-site” or “off-site” interactions, we make it possible for your company to launch competitive retargeting campaigns and proactively manage the results to minimize wasted spend and maximize campaign ROI.

We can do Retargeting advertising for you on: